Questionnaire for new facilities
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General info
Name of facility:
Exact address:
Founded year and by whom:
Number of detainees:
Gender or Co-ed:
Program duration
Program Structure
Level / stages
Living conditions:
Teenager - Parents
Teenager - Siblings
Teenager - Family
Teenager - Friends
Parent / student manual:
Staff qualification:
Do procedure for complaints exist and are they reported to the authorities:
News articles
Include references with links below
External Links
Please group them into:

1) Infopages (Program homepage, ISACCORP, HEAL-online, etc.)

2) Anti-program/ pro-program groups on community networks (Myspace, Facebook, Bebo, Yahoo etc.)

3) Forums (Fornits threads, Youthrights threads, thread on other forums.)

Watch organisations
Are the facility mentioned on the: Watchlist on Human Earth Animal Liberation Watchlist on Fight Institutional Child Abuse Watchlist on International Survivor Action Committee On Community Alliance for the Fair and Ethical Treatment of Youth