Boycut Airplane companies
Danish conditions
JP's tegninger
Beware of the risk of working abroad
About Denmark
Questionnaire for new facilities


What is center-validering?

Center-validering is a research centre, which where established in 2004 with a goal of:

  • Informing people about Denmark and Danish conditions.
  • Presenting new proposals in order to improve the conditions in the Danish society
  • Informing Danish people about dangers when they choose to leave Denmark in order to live and work elsewhere.
  • Informing the Danish people about mistreatment of Danish people in foreign countries.


What have so far been published?

Boycott airline companies Some airline companies have shown disrespect of the Peter Buck verdict which had set a standard regarding passenger complains and the aircrews behaviour. This is a warning page of using of those companies.
Danish conditions An informative page to those, who considers to work and stay in Denmark.
Turistinformation Information for foreign tourists in Denmark.
JP's drawings Information about the cartoon crisis
Beware of the risk of working abroad. Information for Danes, whom considers a career outside Denmark.
About Denmark About Denmark generally and our culture.